We Go The Extra Mile

At Trenton Corrugated Products, we manufacture custom corrugated boxes of all paper grades. From standard single wall containers, to triple wall boxes, to government grade materials and more. Our expertise allows us to build boxes of all shapes and sizes, in any quantity and in a short amount of time. To learn more about our product selection, look through the list below.

Ideal for eCommerce, custom boxes minimize waste while leveraging logistic, palletization, presentation, and retail opportunities through precise design. Less waste and more efficient shipping means less cost and a smaller carbon footprint. Custom boxes help to ensure the greatest protection for your products and raises your brand reputation while reducing returns for damages. Let’s make sure your customers have a memorable experience receiving your products with custom eCommerce boxes.




Boxes we build:

High-Quality Corrugated Fiberboard Material

Used to manufacture boxes, sheets and other shipping containers and components. Corrugated materials are stronger, customizable, cost-effective, sustainable, biodegradable, lightweight, recyclable and flexible compared to other box materials.

Custom-Slotted Containers

Custom boxes built from corrugated materials. Slots are scored to permit folding. Boxes are sent flat so the user can square up and fold when needed.

Multiple Die Cuts

Die cut boxes are customizable boxes that can fit any size, shape or need. They are cut from plain sheets of corrugated material on a die cutter, which is where the term “die cut” comes from.

Pre-Glued Trays

Trays with glued corners and a closed bottom. They can be glued on four or six points.

Auto Bottom Boxes

These boxes have interlocking bottom panels that cross over each other and connect when you open the box, allowing for light assembly. They are die-cut on the bottom and also help save on taping costs.

Long Boxes

Boxes ideal for long and narrow items that require flat and compact storage.

Large Jumbo Boxes

Extra-large boxes ideal for storing, shipping or moving large, but lightweight items. Oversized large custom boxes can be stitched or glued.


One piece and five panel folders are ideal for narrow depth contents such as signs and posters.

Full Telescoping Boxes

Two piece boxes with the top piece sized to fit securely over the bottom.

Pads and Partitions

Provides cushioning and separation for added protection of your contents.

Can we tell you more about our custom boxes, finishes and board grades?


We can run any paper grades:

Single Wall

Corrugated board made up of two liners and a single fluting. This is the most basic form of corrugated material.

Double Wall

Corrugated board made up of three liners and two flutings. This adds extra strength for fragile or heavy items.

Triple Wall

Corrugated board made up of 4 liners and three flutings. These are used for large and heavy items such as manufacturing equipment and vehicle parts.


A flute is a corrugated section spaced between two liners. The height of flutes can vary depending on the box. E-flutes are 1/16 of an inch thick and are for delicate materials, while F-flutes are 1/32 of an inch thick and are for lightweight retail boxes.


Corrugated products supplied to the government must comply with federal manufacturing grades, including weather-resistant classes. There are additional specifications for materials, uses, load capacity and dimensions. They also must pass government determined tests and meet the General Services Administration (GSA) Certification requirements.


Packaging materials that meet military specifications, or MIL-SPEC. This includes weatherization factors and single, double and triple-wall corrugated fiberboard.

Finishes Icon


We offer wide range of finishes including mottled white, bleached white, kemi white , kraft and other coatings.

Recycled Paper

Biodegradable and less energy and water intensive. Our corrugated materials average 70% recycled content.

Additional materials and features:

(minimums may apply on certain materials)

Wax Alternative Coating

Wax coated corrugated is difficult to recycle prompting wax alternatives to become more popular.

Metalized Foil Finishes

A metallic gold or silver finish giving a luxurious feel.

Fire Retardant Coating

A substance added to corrugated to slow or reduce fire intensity.

Color Coating

Flood coated corrugated to display your company colors.

Inside and Outside Logo Printing

Print your product, company or brand logo on the inside or outside of your corrugated box.

Water Resistant Adhesives

Water Resistant Adhesives provide additional "wet strength" for your packaging which is suitable for contents such as produce. These adhesives are often associated with military grade applications

Tear Tape

Adhesive tape used to seal corrugated packaging, allowing for boxes to easily be opened.

Stitched Joints

Stitched joints are for large boxes with heavy loads. More resistance is needed to break stitched joints. Staples and other fasteners can be used to join the tabs.

Why is corrugated a more sustainable packaging option?

Corrugated packaging provides a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option because…

  • It is made from wood pulp, a renewable resource
  • It can be recycled 7-10 times creating a circular waste stream
  • It is a lighter packaging option, which increases shipping efficiency
  • It is improving its efficiency and sustainability (from 2006-2014, the industry reduced its Greenhouse Gas emissions by 35%)

NCASI Life Cycle Assessment, prepared for Corrugated Packaging Alliance (CPA), a joint venture of American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA), Fibre Box Association (FBA), AICC: The Independent Packaging Association & TAPPI. |

Trenton Corrugated Products is committed to sustainability.

Sustainability is…

  • A step towards a more affordable product through added efficiencies
  • A path to a more thriving workplace for employees
  • A more environmentally friendly manufacturing operation
  • A brighter, cleaner future for everyone

We are on an endless journey to continuously improve our manufacturing processes to provide a safe and healthy work environment and reduce our impact on the environment. Because what’s good for our environment and employees is even better for our customers!